Some would argue it was far from ideal, Jamie O’Brien

We’ve seen Teahupo’o bigger. We’ve seen it more perfect. But never has the world seen Tahiti’s most feared wave so big and so perfect at the same time.

Some would argue it was far from ideal, Jamie O’Brien called many of the waves 20-foot closeouts. This coming from the man who surfed the place on fire, first thing that morning. But in terms of picturesque, cavernous walls turning themselves into exaggerated caricatures of what we think a wave is meant to look like, this was as good as it gets.

Move over 2011’s Code Red, this is Code Orange, the slightly slimmer, slightly more attractive version of the average surfer’s nightmares.

If a wave of consequence breaks in the world, you can guarantee Tim Bonython will be there to capture the vision, and Filmers@Large’s most prolific contributor has gone above and beyond to deliver the goods once more.

Grab a lifejacket, some protective equipment and strap yourself in, this is the heaviest three minutes of footage you’ll watch this year.


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